A new way of thinking

Can I have a gun?
I don’t own one.

I’ll need a target for my gun?
I’ll buy one at Target.

Can I have a reason to own a gun?
I don’t have a good reason.

Why am I so different?
One day my friend called.

He is a writer of children’s books.
He said, I have a gun.

He said, I would like to get rid of my gun.
Will you help me throw it in a lake?

He knows I have a canoe.
It was Saturday.

We got ready to go.
We planned a little ritual.

We would express gratitude to the gun.
Thank-you for. . .whatever.

We would figure out something to say.
We would canoe to the middle.

We would drop the gun in the lake.
We would solemnly imagine a world without guns.

I waited for him to show up.
The phone rang.

It was my friend,
He said his wife pointed out something important.

The gun would pollute the lake.
We gave up the idea.

Now my friend lives in Hawaii.
He is writing about robots.

In the future we won’t have guns.
Nobody will need them.

Robots will take care of us and the planet.
They won’t let us kill each other.

The robots will get married to each other.
They will have little robots.

I guess anything would be an improvement.
This way of thinking is new to me.
photo credit:byzantiumbooks at https://www.flickr.com/people/10688882@N00/