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Some Straight Talk for Younger People on Social Security (and Medicare too)

As the scaremongering begins, this is your fight too!

As for health care, just ask yourself why it is that every modern country in the world with the exception of the US has publicly funded health care that covers everyone, yet the US has the highest priced medical care in the world, and it leaves between a fourth and a fifth of us with no coverage, and many more with inadequate coverage, and yet for all that we spend on health, the US ranks down with Third World nations in terms of our life-expectancy, infant mortality, incidence of fully treatable diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, etc. It's also the only modern country where the major cause of bankruptcy is a family medical crisis. All this is because we have a system of health care based on private profit. We need to replace that outrage with a public program like they have in the UK, in France, in Italy, in Germany, and in all the countries of Scandinavia. If those countries can do it, as well as countries like Taiwan, Japan, and even Costa Rica and Cuba, so can we. But again we need to join together to make it happen. As with Social Security, this is a battle we can win, because it's all of us against the big health insurers, drug companies, hospital companies and the rest of the medical establishment, and the politicians they buy. If we're together in this battle, we'll win national health care too.

Think about it. America could be a different place.

story | by Dr. Radut