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Poor, Abused Honduras; Groped Again

A Case of Imperial Misconduct

More North Americans need to wake up and get mad. But we need to do it smartly, without relinquishing an open mind that's eager to listen to many voices and perspectives, because the awareness and respect for a plurality of voices is where truth resides -- not with my way or the highway. Arrogance can never see its own fall, because that’s what arrogance is, the inability to see oneself as powerless or unimportant. It’s the fertile soil for classic tragedy where protagonists are blind to the inevitable downfall they’ve guaranteed by their own actions.

As for Honduras, everyone with a conscience should join Senator Tim Kaine and the OAS in calling for a new, adequately observed presidential election. As for Gringolandia, a serious, respectful dialogue on how gender works in our dangerous, hi-tech world would seem in order. Sex is too important -- too potentially joyful -- to let arguments rooted in Fantasy and Power further turn us into a nation at war with itself.

Ain’t no greatness in that.
CODA: While we're on the subject of backlashing, here's the great Nina Simone singing "Backlash Blues."

story | by Dr. Radut