Figuring out a fabulist

Big Lies About Blacks From Bigot Boy

During President Trump’s appearance on a nationally televised Town Hall forum held recently at the U.S. Constitution Center in Philadelphia, he engaged in the ‘Big Lie’ – that propaganda technique linked with Hitler’s Nazi regime. Trump spun Big Lies of varying size on topics ranging from health care to racial hatred throughout that Q-&-A session …

French double-talk on police brutality

Arrest Of Activist Exposes Racism France Ignores

When Franco Lollia embarked for his protest action outside France’s National Assembly building in Paris on June 23, 2020, the respected anti-racism activist knew something dramatic was desperately needed to end decades of denial and delay on addressing the racial bigotry deeply embedded in the nation that prides itself as the champion of equality for …

Your heard it here: Give the shove to the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs

Defending the US Against Looming Presidential Dictatorship

  At least Vladimir Putin is gaining his  dictatorial powers democratically. He got elected by a solid majority of Russians, and then he went to the Russian Duma and asked for a constitutional change to allow him to continue to be elected through 2030. Here in the US, we have created a presidential dictatorship through …

Trump sics armed federal thugs on Portland protesters

Watching Constitutionally Protected Freedoms Die in Oregon

Update:  Oregon’s two senators and two members of the House from the state are calling on the Inspectors General of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice into the excessive use of violence and of secretive behavior and lack of idendification of federal “paramiitary” police in Portland.    One of the most clear …

Unusual bestial Murder of a black Man by white supremacists

Denmark Authorities in Denial about Racist Violence

Shelter murder scene memorial Strøby Egede, Denmark — Swastika-tattooed lower leg pressed upon the victim’s chest, knee thrust under his Adam’s apple. Blood flow cut off. Heart pumps out. Knife slashes, body burns, tree branch bashes spurting blood over his body, eye popping partially out. After prolonged torture, perhaps hours long, African-Danish-born Phillip Mbuji Johansen …

Dave Lindorff interviewed about Trump's and Barr's 'Occupy Model' plans for crushing anti-police movement

US Justice Department is Classifying Anti-Police Movement as Terrorism

KPFA’s Mitch Jeserich, host of “Letters and Politics,” interviews Dave Lindorff about the Trump and Barr plan to follow the Obama administration’s “Occupy Model” for crushing dissent in going after the anti-police-brutality and defund the police movement sweeping the nation. Listen here and start at 32.55 on the mp.3 of the interview.

New article in the Nation by Dave Lindorff

Tear Gas and Clubs in Lafayette Square were Just the Beginning

Trump and Barr are turning to the “Occupy model” to crush the current uprising against police brutality.  On June 1, President Trump ordered National Park Police and troops from the District of Columbia National Guard and some other federal law enforcement agencies to drive peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square, north of the White House, to …

Denmark, the US’s 51st state

Social Democrat Government Dares Not Criticize USA

  (Author Note: This article is second in series on Denmark relations with USA. No. 1  Reporters and camera crews covering the uprising against racism and police brutality are being attacked by police, mainly, in unprecedented numbers in the US. Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF), a non-governmental organization, which seeks to defend free press …

Denmark, the US’s 51st state

Europeans Join US Americans’ Uprising

This war image has caused the fire to spread throughout much of the world.   (Author note: This article begins a series on Denmark’s anti-sovereignty foreign policy support for US imperial wars, as well as Danes solidarity with anti-racist, anti-police brutality resistance in the US and at home.) “Just as our neighbors to the South …