Dave Lindorff interviewed about Trump's and Barr's 'Occupy Model' plans for crushing anti-police movement

US Justice Department is Classifying Anti-Police Movement as Terrorism

KPFA’s Mitch Jeserich, host of “Letters and Politics,” interviews Dave Lindorff about the Trump and Barr plan to follow the Obama administration’s “Occupy Model” for crushing dissent in going after the anti-police-brutality and defund the police movement sweeping the nation. Listen here and start at 32.55 on the mp.3 of the interview.

Cops are using everything from rubber bullets to grenades

Interactive Map Shows Police Using Violence Against Peaceful Protesters in 125 Cities and 40 States

It hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for the supposed “Land of the Free” these days, though a lot of brave protesters across the country have continued to stand up to a lot of cowardly militarized police and American soldiers who have been using weaponized military helicopters, M-16 automatic assault rifles and other military …

We are all George Floyd in police-state America:

Cop Pushes Old White Man Over Backwards, Leaves Victim Bleeding and Unconscious After Head Hits Sidewalk Hard

  Watching the police response to the nationwide uprising against police brutality is by turns infuriating and depressing. It hardly matters whether or not it’s a minority of police officer who are behaving as the “pigs” we used to call them back in the 1960s and ‘70s, because if they can do the kinds of …

Enough with docile permit-granted park protests!

Eruptions of Rage in Minneapolis and across the US over the Cop Murder of George Floyd are Uprisings, Not Riots

  America’s cities are burning again. In Minneapolis, after an unarmed and unresisting George Floyd, 46 and black, was killed by a white cop after being arrested for the non-violent alleged crime of trying to pass a fake $20 bill, protests immediately erupted. Minneapolis cops, with a reputation for violence, responded to the initial protest …

Dave LIndorff's letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer on the Eagle's wipe out in the first playoff of the post-season

Eagles Should’ve Hired Kaep

  Philadelphia — It was always a long shot that the Eagles would make the NFL playoffs and then be competitive in the postseason with QB Carson Wentz as their standard-bearer. It was too much to put on one already damaged star. Wentz did great through the season, but he was always one bad tackle …