Impunity for brutality must end

Police Brutality Strikes Again — This Time in Philadelphia!

Over two decades ago Philadelphia’s then top prosecutor made an observation applicable to recent actions by many members of the Philadelphia Police Department. Those recent foul actions include the fatal police shooting of a mentally ill man and the vicious police beating of a woman and her teenage nephew that also traumatized this woman’s two-year-old …

Dave Lindorff interviewed about Trump's and Barr's 'Occupy Model' plans for crushing anti-police movement

US Justice Department is Classifying Anti-Police Movement as Terrorism

KPFA’s Mitch Jeserich, host of “Letters and Politics,” interviews Dave Lindorff about the Trump and Barr plan to follow the Obama administration’s “Occupy Model” for crushing dissent in going after the anti-police-brutality and defund the police movement sweeping the nation. Listen here and start at 32.55 on the mp.3 of the interview.

Who needs cops for school discipline, domestic disputes, traffic control and serving warrants?

Movement to Defund US Police Departments is a Beautiful and Doable Idea

  The new call to “defund the police departments” is a brilliant idea whose time has come. As an activist eloquently put the case in a hearing before the Minneapolis City Council, “The police are a 19th-century creation that is inappropriate for a 21st-century society.” Absolutely correct. As we have written on this site earlier, …