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Israel Crosses a Line as IDF Snipers Murder Unarmed Protesters in the Ghetto of Gaza

And how does his differ from the Nazis and the Warsaw Ghetto?

Israelis themselves bear the most guilt for this horror, but the United States bears plenty of the blame too. It's not just the Trump administration, which has sucked up to Israel's right-wing apartheid government shamelessly, most recently with the decision to relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The US has since Isreal
s founding underwritten it, and has helped create this wretched situation. The US currently provides Israel, a first-world nation that could easily pay its own way, with a US taxpayer gift of $3.8 billion a year (a rate of support upped by nearly a third by President Obama) to buy arms and other military equipment. This steady and rising backing has made Israel the most powerful military nation in the Middle East and also the largest single recipient in the world of US military aid.

Israel, courtesy of the US taxpayer, boasts the largest fleet of F-16 fighter-bombers outside of the US Air Force. The country also gets top-of-the-line military equipment, not the "dumbed-down" equipment offered to other countries supplied with such US weapons.

When Israel commits war crimes and atrocities, whether it's the open-seas assault in on a peace flotilla of civilian ships sailing from Turkey to Gaza in 2010 which included the IDF murder of an unarmed Turkish-American youth (a US citizen), or the bombing of schools and hospitals in Gaza in 2014 or some other outrage, the US stays silent, or should there be an effort to pass a UN Security Resolution condemning Israel, as there was this week, the US vetoes it.

True to form, the US government has failed to condemn the current atrocities in Gaza -- the killing of well over a hundred unarmed Gazans in the current crisis, and the deliberate targeting of Palestinian journalists. In fact, by participating in a celebration of the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem, even as Palestinians were being murdered 40 miles away, it effectively endorsed the mass killings.

The silence about these Israeli crimes in the US Congress, in the US media, and among the US public is deafening -- indeed there is far more protest against them in Israel and more critical reporting in the Israeli media than in the US -- and this silence is reminiscent, I'm sorry to say, of the US silence that greeted the vicious attacks on European Jews by the Nazis in the years before the actual start of World War II, not to mention the refusal of the US government to accept Jewish refugees from the Holocaust even after the war was underway.

Now it's not Jews who are the victims. Now it is the self-described Jewish State of Israel that is the victimizer, with Palestinians put in the position of the beleguered, harassed, brutalized and murdered Jews of Europe in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

I'll conclude here with the comments of Rabbi Arthur Waskow, a veteran peace activist and staunch advocate for Palestinian rights who heads the Shalom Center in Philadelphia. I don't know how Rabbi Waskow would feel about my characterization of Israel's current government and its military as a kind of reincarnation of the Germany's Nazis, but his own description of of the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza under the Israeli jackboot makes the case powerfully by itself:

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