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Hillary Clinton Lost the November Election because She Blew Off Sanders Activists and Voters

It wasn't the Russians!


The incredible "group-think" that has seen the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, President Obama, the Clinton campaign and most of the corporate media braying that Vladimir Putin scandalously upended American democracy and threw the election to his favored candidate Donald Trump is based on a ludicrous premise. That premise: that the election went Trump's way because several tens of thousands of voters in a few states -- Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin -- switched away from Clinton to Trump because of an alleged (and factually unproven) Russian "hack" of Democratic National Committee and of Hillary campaign chair John Podesta's emails.

According to this conspiracy theory -- and that is what it is -- the "Russian" hack fully explains those narrow Trump wins in three key swing states. Its proponents argue that as a result of the alleged hacks allegedly passed on to Wikileaks (which denies it was a hack or that their source was Russian), and of the subsequent release of emails that showed that the DNC had conspired to throw the primary election to Clinton, and that revealed the contents of Clinton's secret sycophantic quarter-million-dollar speeches to Wall Street banks, those states normally securely Democratic went for Trump.

What is ludicrous about this alleged conspiracy theory is that Sanders supporters already knew the DNC was in bed with the Clinton campaign. They'd already learned that first hand from Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who quit in disgust as DNC vice-chair back in late February, explaining that the DNC was secretly undermining Sanders and working for Clinton. As for the bank speeches, Clinton did all the damage herself first by making them, then by refusing to disclose what she'd said in those extravagantly paid gigs, and by getting caught in a lie that she couldn't release the texts because they were "under the control" of the banks (she actually owned the copyrights). She also hurt herself by lying and saying during one debate that she hadn't asked for the high fees when in fact her agent had demanded them. This infuriating information was all out there way before Wikileaks started releasing the documents in had in its possession.

The truth is that it was Clinton's own actions that lost her the support of Sanders voters. There was her repeating lying about Sanders positions during the campaign (for example the repeated claim that he wanted to end the ACA and leave people with no medical insurance), and her gratuitous dissing of Sanders and his supporters even after it was becoming clearer that she would win the primary because of the corrupt support she had lined up from the party's unelected so-called "super delegates." Then there was her decision in the fall, after winning the nomination, to ignore the 13 million Sanders voters from the primary and instead to pursue the support of what she hoped were disenchanted Republican voters upset that Donald Trump had won the Republican nomination, all doomed her in the general election.

story | by Dr. Radut