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The news collective: a history and some info on each of us was founded in 2004 as a blog by Dave Lindorff in a quixotic one-man effort to afflict the powerful. As the site gained recognition and readers, Dave realized that it would take more than one journalist to cause any significant degree of affliction. He approached three long-time friends, political comrades and colleagues -- John Grant, Linn Washington and Charles M. Young -- and asked if they would be interested in joining him to found a news collective, thus multiplying the site's afflictive power by 400%. All three, sharing Dave's profound frustration with the shallowness and the fawning complicity of the establishment corporate media (and with the establishment not-for-profit media, too), signed on with alacrity and a shared desire to raise hell.

A year and a half later the four were joined by Lori Spencer of Austin, Texas, a state where raising hell is a contact sport. A number of writers have contributed on an irregular basis to the publication, including James Ridgeway, Jess Guh, Ron Ridenour, Ben Pleasants, Tom Thompson, Marilyn Wargo, Lisa Bergson and others. Recently, Vermont poet Gary Lindorff was made poet-in-residence.

More recently, Jess Guh, a political activist and family medicine physician serving low-income families from a public health center in Seattle, Washington, joined the collective.

One year into operation, ThisCantBeHappening! was awarded a coveted Project Censored Award, and as one of the 25 top winners of that honor in 2011, had an article included in the Project Censored book: Censored 2012: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2011-12.

In February of 2013, ThisCantBeHappening was joined by a fifth member, Alfredo Lopez, bringing us not only someone with a long storied history of activism and progressive journalism, but an understanding of technology and communication issues.

It is our hope that the over 50,000 readers a month who have been regularly following -- which passed the 3-million hits mark in early 2013 -- will tell their friends and contacts to check out this new expanded version of the site. It is our hope too, that the many readers who have generously contributed financial support for the journalistic efforts of to date will be joined by many, many others, so that we five can really devote our efforts to getting out the truth about America’s wars, about the corrupt economic system we live in, about the racism, sexism and other kinds of discrimination and bias that permeate this society, about the ongoing commodification of culture, and about the steady assault on freedom--all stories and issues that are being ignored or papered over by the mass media.

Our goal is to give you the stories you aren’t getting from the corporate media, or to give you the stories you are getting from them, but from a different, and more honest, perspective.

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