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There Is Still No Credible Information of an Imminent Attack by Islamo-Ass Bombers

Finally, compare all the stories in the corporate media on the imminent threat of Islamic ass bombing with all the stories about the recently released report by the AFL-CI0 on workplace deaths. According the Department of Labor, 13 Americans die every day on the job, which came to 4690 in 2010. Another 50,000 die from occupational diseases. Tens of thousands of other Americans die from water pollution, air pollution, dangerous products and job-induced despair.

There were almost no stories on all those deaths.

Hypothetically, what if all those work-related deaths were caused by a tiny terrorist group that was motivated by criminal indifference, active malice and overwhelming greed? Hypothetically, lets call this terrorist group the “1%.” Suppose further that the corporate media gave an enormous amount of time and space to the non-existent imminent threat of Islamic ass bombing and no time or space to the 1% killing tens of thousands of Americans every year. Who would you say, hypothetically, the corporate media was working for?

Let’s get Brian Ross on that story right away.

story | by Dr. Radut