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Why You Should Consider Donating to Support ThisCantBeHappening! (and not Truthout!)

Banned by Truthout (sic):


Have you even noticed that you don't see articles from ThisCantBeHappening! running on the Truthout site?

There's a reason for this. Truthout, over a year ago, decided to ban this publication from its pages.

They took this ridiculous and incredibly lacking-in-alternative-media-solidarity step not because our work is flawed. Not because we had made some embarrassing mistake. Not even because we demanded payment for their use of our work.

No. They banned us because I had the temerity to question their news judgement when they ignored some breaking stories that we wrote and published.

bannedThisCantBeHappening!, for news you can't find at Truthout!

Capitalism and Mental Illness: Back to the Future?


A 21st century psychotherapist steps into a time machine and comes out in Atlanta in 1855. Having no other marketable skills, he hangs out a shingle and promises new remedies for mental illness. A well-dressed gentleman knocks on the door and inquires if the psychotherapist might come to his plantation to examine the slaves.

“Most of them are well satisfied with their position and work hard within their natural limitations,” says the gentleman. “But a few appear to suffer most severely with drapetomania, dipsomania and dyaesthesia aethiopica. Even after whippings, they continue to defy my rules, either by subterfuge or outright defiance. I do not understand their affliction, which is cause for much suffering among them and financial losses for myself.”

After looking up drapetomania (compulsive running away), dipsomania (compulsive drinking) and dyaesthesia aethiopica (compulsive avoidance of work) in the latest journals of negro behavior, the psychotherapist goes to the plantation and convinces the psychotic slaves to talk with him for 50 minutes each week.

“I think I know what the problem is,” says the psychotherapist after a few months of research. “Your slaves had unhappy childhoods because they come from dysfunctional families. Their parents were often absent and even when they were around, they didn’t appreciate their children for their true selves. In some sense, your slaves are living in the past, acting out childhood fear and anger that is deeply buried in the unconscious.”

“And what do you recommend as a remedy?” says the gentleman.

“The best psychology has to offer right now is continued brutalization, on the theory that their race is incapable of deeper insight,” says the psychotherapist. “I think the evidence  indicates that re-traumatizing the already traumatized is ineffective for a small number of stubborn cases, as you have discovered. For the stubborn cases, I would suggest another form of therapy...”

If the 21st century psychotherapist was Freudian, he might now recommend years of talk therapy for the slaves until they had a clear understanding of their parents and siblings.

If the psychotherapist was Jungian, he might recommend dream journals and more creative outlets for the slaves so they could get insight from active imagination.


Support ThisCantBeHappening!


We've got loads of readers, including lots of regular readers. We've got news you can't find anywhere else. But we don't have many people who are willing to help us out with a donation. That makes no sense! You people who come to our site all know that it takes time and resources to do what we're doing here. So why can't you all support what you find valuable and important?

Make a $50 donation and get this great all-cotton T-shirt as a gift!Make a $50 donation and get this great all-cotton T-shirt as a gift!

It's time for all our readers to step up and support ThisCantBeHappening! Hey, we're just looking for $5 per person per year. Is that too much to ask for? If you'd all do that little thing, this outfit could really blossom into something dangerous!

Hey, for over two years now, we at TCBH! have been squeezing in our reporting and writing during breaks in our day jobs. And we're getting results. Our circulation for year one of publication was 1 million reads. This past year ended June 1, we hit 1.5 million reads -- a pickup of 50%!

We are pretty damned proud of the work we've been able to do, too, breaking news that nobody else, including the alternative media, are covering, and publishing articles that almost nobody else will run, and that often includes progressive news aggregator sites like TruthOut and Common Dreams. For example, you'll note a gaping hole at both those sites where our story on Dr. Kristin Neuhaus ought to be, but nevermind, the story of her courageous fight against the anti-abortion witch hunters in the Kansas GOP was front and center here at TCBH!

You also didn't read in those online progressive sites, or anywhere else, about all the documents that the National Lawyers Guild has obtained proving an Obama administration role in coordinating the brutal police crackdowns on the occupy movement, or about how Komen for the Cure was getting substantial funding from a drug company, AstraZeneca, that also makes the pesticides that contribute to breast cancer. You can only find that outrageous information here, at ThisCantBeHappening!, where we diligently dig it up and put it out there.

It's All Here: TCBH! Coverage of the First Three Weeks of the Occupation Movement Sweeping the Nation

Spies and Provocateurs: Police Spying on Occupy Movement not Likely Limited to Los Angeles
The spies and provocateurs sent into the Occupy encampment in Los Angeles by the LAPD are certainly just the tip of the iceberg, says Dave. We need to find the rest of them. It seems likely most of any violence coming from Occupiers was actually the work of those police provocateurs.

The $5 Solution: A Proposal for a Democratic Way to Support Honest, Truth-Telling Journalism!


You people who have been reading our reporting over the last year and a half know what we are doing. Now we need you to support it.

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