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No Execution for Mumia: 30 Years after a Police Shooting, Abu-Jamal Backers Vow to Free Him from Life in Prison

It was a desultory effort at disruption by a group -- law enforcement officers and the Fraternal Order of Police -- that has been actively lobbying to “Fry Mumia” for decades, and provided some indication of the frustration that is being felt by many police--especially white police--now that Abu-Jamal has finally escaped once and for all the sentence they tried so hard to have carried out.

Defense attorney Michael Coard, following Abu-Jamal’s phone call, termed the decision not to seek a new death sentence by DA Williams (whom he called “Mr. Abraham,” in reference to the woman who preceded him in that office, Lynn Abraham, a prosecutor once called “America’s deadliest DA” by the N.Y. Times) a “tremendous victory,” but he also reminded everyone present that it still left in prison a man whom he said was “not just not guilty, but provably innocent.” Highlighting just a couple of the interminable list of flawed and fraudulent evidence that undermines the integrity of the prosecution's case against Abu Jamal, Coard said that the alleged "oversight" by police at the scene of the crime in supposedly not conducting a routine gunpowder test on Abu-Jamal's hands doesn't pass the laugh test. "I believe they certainly ran that test and it came up negative," he said.

Coard, drawing on a football analogy to describe where things now stand, said, “We just got to the red zone. We need the whole seven points!”

The Abu-Jamal backers who poured out of the Constitution Center into the frigid night air at the end of the event certainly showed no signs of burnout as they headed homeward and, unlike the protesting cops who had long since departed after their brief engine-revving action, seemed primed to keep pushing for the end zone.

story | by Dr. Radut