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Rediscovering America on Hiroshima Day


(This is the first of a series of impressions of Ron’s return to the Belly of the Beast)

“We’re making a killing” read signs held in front of the permanent war profiteer, Lockheed-Martin, overlooking the King of Prussia Mall.

Consumerism and War Making go hand-in-hand at this US bloody flag-infested Philadelphia suburban mall. People casually shop beside the world’s number one weapons corporation.

Sixty-six years ago, on August 6, 1945, the United States government dropped the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and murdered 150,000 human beings in an instant. An equal number have since been murdered by after affects of this Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). Three days later it was Nagasaki’s time.

Since the Second World War, the US has invaded 66 countries, under various pretexts, a total of 160 times (See Permanent War) --murdering, handicapping and torturing millions.

Today, the Lockheed Martin Valley Forge facility in Philadelphia--built in the very locale revered for that great battle for freedom, liberation and sovereignty which birthed this Land of Opportunities--produces WMD. It is part of the government-private industry nexus that has killed a million or so in Iraq and Afghanistan--nations where there is a lot of oil and crucial transportation routes--all so that the wealthy get richer, and then even more rich as they don’t have to pay taxes in the good ole’ US of A.

There they stood: 30 human beings. A young couple with babe-in-arms stood out among the mostly gray folks. They bore signs of the usual kind, hoping some would heed their cry for species survival. They recalled 66 years ago when “people ran to the rivers to escape, and soon the rivers became...a stream of drifting dead bodies...” and “birds ignited in air.”

As they read their cry for peace in collective voice, a dozen uniformed armed men stood by their police and security cars ready to protect American Private Property.
Protesters ran crime scene tape across the Lockheed Martin entrance before being busted (photos by Brandywine Peace Community)Protesters ran crime scene tape across the Lockheed Martin entrance before being busted (photos by Brandywine Peace Community)

Family shoppers drove by. Some drivers honked in accord with the activists; others barked vulgarities.

A bringer of peace cried out: “Lockheed Martin is built on the social acceptance of a permanent war economy, and a supreme belief in the dominance of United States markets and interests around the world. That’s empire, and empire means endless war and the threat of war.”

Demonstrators strapped tape between two poles on either side of the war criminal company entrance admonishing: “Crime Scene! Do Not Cross!”

story | by Dr. Radut