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Happy Birthday Jed! You're on the Rolls as a Potential Draftee in America's Wars

Back when I was a student, I burned my draft card (at the Pentagon during the Oct. 17, 1967 Mobilization Against the War), and sent the ashes to my draft board. Since they kept sending me new cards, I burned them several more times, tore them up, and in one case handed it in at a “communion” run by Yale chaplain Rev. Sloane Coffin, to be sent back to my board. My resistance and refusal to carry the card as required by law never prevented me from receiving federal student loans, though it did cause a couple of screaming fits by cops who stopped me for traffic violations or for hitchhiking, and who freaked out when I’d respond “I burned it,” when asked to produce my draft card.

Since today’s cards are optional items in a wallet, kids don’t get to make those kinds of protests.

All the same, I thought Jed’s response to my informing him that his draft card had arrived in the mail was pretty good. I asked him if he wanted it, and he replied, “What for? So I can burn it?”

It might be a good idea. Maybe he could send the ashes to our useless excuse for a Congresswoman, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, who has been supporting all of America’s wars enthusiastically since she was first elected in 2005.

story | by Dr. Radut