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Is The Green Party a Spoiler For Trump?

A liberal/left midterm debate

Me? I’m going with the Deep State. I know it really sounds nefarious when you call it that, as some of my good far-left friends do and as Sean Hannity does every night. The label The Deep State reminds me of an effort back in the Reagan eighties to undermine something called The Secret Team, which was a deep-cover conspiracy to undermine the Constitution and everything good about America. The idea never went anywhere and fizzled out; I felt it was a case of the label was too conspiratorially opportunistic to incorporate the entire scope of America's real darkness, the thing Dick Cheney loved so much and called The Dark Side.

Ideology seems to be less of an issue in America or the world these days. Since Capitalism now rules, the really big deal is Corruption and how it breeds and grows in the runaway global train fueled by incredible technological and social-media realities. Justice becomes political and about that old American favorite, Selective Enforcement. Rudy Giuliani's efforts to cover for Donald Trump isn’t about legalities and justice; it’s about establishing the cultural idea that political life in America (and the world) is so fundamentally corrupt that it would be unfair and unjust to pick on poor Donald Trump, who is only trying to do his job. Everybody does it, including Hillary and other Deep State actors, so it’s politically selective to pick on Trump. And who knows; it may work in the end.

The prospects for a Blue Wave in November is good; a House of Representatives controlled by Democrats fired up with new blood like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez versus the gang of loathsome Republican toads we have now has to be an improvement. If the stars really line up and the Senate goes Democratic, impeachment and conviction becomes a very real possibility. Of course, if Trump were to be convicted by the Senate, citizens would have a President Pence to deal with. But with a first-time-in-history impeachment conviction and a president who refuse to resign run to ground, the Republican Party would be seriously wounded or crippled going into 2020. Also, there’s the real possibility that all the Left/Right critiquing of the Deep State could have a positive reform impact on the FBI et al. But this is getting way ahead of the game.

In the case of Ohio’s 12th District, it would be a crying shame in November if a Green Party candidate siphoned enough votes from the Democratic candidate to push the Republican into a win, meaning that seat would remain Republican and not be one of 23 seats needed to change the leadership of the House.

There is dignity in doggedly holding onto one's ideals until the bitter end, something that becomes Quixotic when it's evident the position is a losing position. I’m rusty on my Kant, but I recall his Categorical Imperative revolved around the idea that one should act individually as if what you are doing were a universal law and everybody did it. Does this apply to voting? If everybody voted for Jill Stein or the Green Party candidate the world really might be a better place. But what if the idea of everybody voting this way is only a desire, a fantasy?

There’s certainly a place for the Green Party. Who am I to suggest otherwise? But maybe not right now. As the nation approaches an election that seems more and more to be about impeachment, does the Green Party want to go down in history as the spoiler that tipped enough very close local elections that Republicans kept control of the House, the Senate, the Presidency and the Supreme Court?

story | by Dr. Radut