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Is The Green Party a Spoiler For Trump?

A liberal/left midterm debate

In a bizarre turn of events, the same two candidates in Ohio’s 12th District "special" elections will be opposing each other again in three months in the ever-looming midterm. Republicans are so fearful of the midterms that their ample war chests may not be enough to spread around as they would wish; this may play out in Ohio’s 12th District in the form of squeezed funds going into November. So the next three months are going to be intense in the area around Columbus, Ohio. Activist citizens and ordinary voters in the district will be under a national microscope; the fact the Democrats were so unusually strong in the special election can only give Democrats a leg up heading into November. Republicans are said to be scared of a new enthusiasm factor among Democrats. If I were a Democrat-voting citizen there I’d be all over my Green Party friends to give up their insurgent party.

I’m aware of a debate-point in the farther left reaches of the Greater Left (ie. a Left that includes liberals) that focuses on Vladimir Putin and Russia and the idea that it’s good that President Donald Trump is eager to talk with President Putin. It's about making peace between two long adversaries. What motivates the far left seems to be a long and abiding distrust of the so-called Deep State, something shared by Donald Trump and his favorite commentator, Sean Hannity -- something I share. But, then, I've always been perplexed by the 2016 photograph of Jill Stein sitting down to dinner in Moscow with Michael Flynn and Vladimir Putin. Sure, talking and breaking bread is good. But given the idea of the Green Party effectively working as a spoiler, Stein’s presence there doesn’t sit well in the mind. Could Dr. Stein's campaign have been useful in getting Donald Trump elected? I'm not suggesting anything nefarious or criminal on Slein's part. Just asking: Can one remain a moral actor when one is unintentionally useful to nefarious forces?

Full disclosure: I think Putin and Trump want to exploit their powers the same way two gangsters want to carve up a city; they both envision a new "colonial" world with the three giants making the deals raking in the dough. I don't like Hillary Clinton, but I never feared she would lead the US to war with Russia. I think the best chance of getting us into war with Russia is unbridled and arrogant stupidity: some kind of narcissistic royal cock fight between Putin and Trump played out in cyberwarfare and mysterious attacks like the Russian mercenary Wagner Group's attack on a US base in Syria, reportedly ending in up to some 200 dead Russian mercenaries.

For me, one cannot analyze the current mess without accepting the ancient political reality of strange bedfellows. The dilemma on the far left these days seems to be this: Which strange bedfellow do I choose to get it on with? Does one distrust and hate the Deep State so much the mysterious authoritarian Trump-Putin attraction becomes acceptable? Or does one distrust and hate the very idea of a President Donald Trump and all he represents so much that accepting the Deep State’s role in impeaching him becomes acceptable? It’s strange bedfellows either way. The far left seems to face the identical dilemma as those holding their noses and voting for a Democrat. Neither choice is anywhere near ideal and both are a huge stretch from any kind of Utopian socialist thinking. The question then becomes who stinks worse?

story | by Dr. Radut