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Ready for a New ‘Missile Gap’ and Trillion-Dollar Arms Race?

The fireworks next time!

This nightmare could all be avoided immediately, even now, by the US, Russia and China entering into negotiations leading to a hypersonic cruise missile ban and a restoration of the ABM treaty. But this sane solution seems unlikely. US military strategists are already having wet dreams about the awesome potential of this new weapon, armed with non-nuclear warheads, to destroy ships, to violate national borders blowing up “terrorist” targets before the targets even know what’s coming, and of course, to outdo the competition and create an armada of undetectable hypersonic and nuclear-tipped cruise missiles capable of wiping out Russian and Chinese defenses and their ability to fire back.

Never mind that if the US were to threaten obtaining superiority in hypersonic cruise missiles it could push frightened Russian and Chinese strategists to consider a first strike on the US, or it could accidentally trigger a launch if they correctly or incorrectly thought they were threatened by a first strike by the US. That very real danger is outweighed by all that funding for arms merchants like Boeing, Ratheon and Lockheed-Martin that would result from a new major arms race in a whole new class of high-tech arms.

This is the tragic state of affairs today as we are supposed to celebrate July 4th, the declaration of the founding of the United States, and of our ancestors’’ freedom from tyranny. Instead, quite ironically, we are headed into a new era of enslavement, this time to the demons of war and militarism, as the warmongers in Washington discover and develop a whole new way to pick more money out of our already emptied pockets.

All we get is the fireworks.

story | by Dr. Radut