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Some Straight Talk for Younger People on Social Security (and Medicare too)

As the scaremongering begins, this is your fight too!

What this means is that young people -- those in their 20s, 30s and 40s and even early 50s -- need to recognize how important these programs are to their lives. Right now you young folks are seeing 6.2% taken out of each paycheck (and your employer is paying that same percentage of payroll into the system), and you're being warned you may get nothing for it. That's bull! If you only vote for candidates who promise to do what is necessary (see above!) to fully fund the program, Social Security will be there not just for your parents and grandparents, but for you and your children too. It's a choice you have to make. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to hoodwink you into letting this system die. That's because the Wall Street banks and investment houses that make their money handling people's investments want it to die so they can get their hands on your hard-earned money to invest for you -- for a fee. It's a giant scam, and the contributions they make to politicians to help them pull it off are to make that profitable scam happen.

When they and the corporate media shills try and tell you that the Baby Boom generation is living high on the FICA taxes you are paying, and that you'll be getting nothing, you know better. You know how your retired parents or grandparents live, and that's on Social Security. Ask them. It doesn't even get adequately adjusted for inflation, so they struggle harder each year to get by. Their benefits should be higher, not lower! And it can happen, if you team up with them and demand improved Social Security, and a secure Social Security that will be there when you need it. And by the way, if god forbid, something happened to you and you became disabled, from an accident or a disease like MS, Social Security is there for you then too. If you're still a teenager, and a parent dies, you also get Social Security benefits. If your family has only one working parent and one stay-at-home care-giver, and the employed parent dies, that care-giver gets Social Security. Likewise, it the higher earning grandparent of yours dies, that person's higher social security benefit check becomes the widowed spouse's benefit. All these things are already there for you and your elders. They are all worth saving, if only because if they go away, guess who'll have to take over support for those elders? You!

They Try to Call It A Generational War, But We're All on the Same Side

We're in a battle that is all of us against Wall Street and the greedy politicians that Wall Street companies support with their legal bribes. It's up to all of us to recognize the game they're playing and to defeat them. And if there's a political battle that we can win, this one is it, because Social Security is critical to everyone of every age, of every race, both genders, citizen and legal immigrant with working papers -- anyone who works and pays FICA taxes or is married to someone who works, and to everyone already retired. It's all of us, and all of us together can make anything happen!

story | by Dr. Radut