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Welcome to the Apocalypse

BDSM, #MeToo, Torture and the Drumbeat For War

Meanwhile, the #MeToo Movement’s campaign to crash through the glass ceilings of power in America has to deal with Gina Haspel, nominated by the Teflon-coated pussy-grabber-in-chief to run the CIA. The Haspel nomination is actually a very savvy move on Mr. Trump's part. He’s leveraging the #MeToo Movement on its own petard by nominating a woman torture proponent (and possible actor) to break the glass ceiling at the CIA. As a sop for feminists, she thoroughly defended the Bush torture years in her senate committee hearing; everybody knew that the man who nominated her has many times publicly and enthusiastically advocated waterboarding and even worse torture. Another plus for Mr. Trump, Ms. Haspel had the “balls” to willingly obstruct justice by destroying 92 videotapes of US agents torturing one or more Arab males in what must have been quite a potentially sensational piece of You Tube cinema. Under questioning from Democratic senators, she adamantly refused to say torture was immoral, as she assured the Democratic senators she would not reinstate the Bush torture regimen. It all boiled down to, "Trust me." The Republicans, of course, questioned her like cats who in some previous caucus had all lunched on members of a canary family. One question that arose in the New York Times after her hearing has to do with a man, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, and his pregnant wife, Fatima Boudchar, both Libyan dissidents captured by British MI6 agents and rendered in 2004 to a CIA black site in Thailand, where they were both tortured for at least two days, which according to the woman, included punching her pregnant belly. What lends the story credence is that British Prime Minister Theresa May did not refute it and, in fact, publicly apologized May 10th to the couple for Britain's involvement. Mr. Belhaj said the site Ms. Haspel ran sounds very much like the one he and his wife were rendered to and tortured by black-clad figures in ski masks.

"What does it mean for someone to be elevated and honored, someone who oversaw a secret prison in Thailand where torture was being practiced?" Mr. Belhaj wondered.

story | by Dr. Radut