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Is Trump Going Off the Rails or Just Possibly Getting Back on Track?

A crazy thought:

Again, it’s idle speculation at this point. We’d have to see solid evidence of a change in direction in the form of withdrawal orders for troops in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and an end of support for Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen, continued support for the Iran nuclear deal and end to threats against both that country and the reaching of a peace agreement, finally, with North Korea, as well as a reversal of years of increasing hostility and military threats against Russia. (At least one suggestion he may be serious at least about pulling the US out of Syria comes this evening from the Wall Street Journal, though, reporting that Trump is killing a $200 million fund to help rebuild damaged parts of Syria that the US helped free from ISIS.)

That’s a tall order, but then, if he doesn’t do those things, Trump’s unanticipated first term will almost certainly be his last.

story | by Dr. Radut