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Pussy Grabbers and Ball Busters


On one level, the #MeToo movement is about calling attention to legitimate, overdue grievances by women about the issues of respect and power vis-a-vis men. While on the other hand, it can become fertile ground for vendetta and power grabbing by angry women taking advantage of an open window opened, in this case, by the election of a Teflon-coated sexual abuser. A significant part of it seems to be over unwelcomed advances by men on women, which raises the question, what if the identical move had been made by Mister Right? Go me, Louis C.K.'s masturbation scenes are pathetic funny. Are such provocations evil or are they what Samuel Beckett called “the fleas of life." After all, life isn't fair for both women and men. Sometimes, as Katie Roiphe puts it, "The rage can at times feel like bloodlust." A 28-minute video of eight women abused by various powerful males presented by The Cut unintentionally reveals an example of this. I would not dispute that each of the eight women has a legitimate grievance or has been "damaged." I get that. But the moderator, Rose McGowan, exhibits a clear vengeful animus toward men. At one point, she interrupts to disagree with an older women who says, "Anger is not enough," not how the movement should evolve forward. No, McGowan says, "Righteous anger propels society forward." Everything about her seems to radiate this righteous anger; unlike the other women, there seemed no empathy or proportion when it came to men. Having been hurt, she was on the warpath. The video is compelling to watch, but not necessarily for the points Ms. McGowen is making. I found her scary, scary that this response in men may be what she needs to repair the damage done to her.

This is the aspect of the movement critiqued by Katie Roiphe in a March Harper’s article titled “The Other Whisper Network: How Twitter feminism is bad for women.” Roiphe was referred to in an article about her in The Cut as “an unapologetic provocateur, perpetually irritating the women’s movement.” She was also positively profiled in the conservative National Review. She seems to thrive on being a lightning rod.

story | by Dr. Radut