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Pussy Grabbers and Ball Busters


The early 1960s were a much more innocent time. Today, these two women would be susceptible to charges of sexual misconduct for sexually abusing me when they picked me up on Naranja Road and speculated about my dick. Consider the flack received by youth icon grown into adulthood Katy Perry on American Idol for assertively snatching a lip-kiss from a virginal 19-year-old conservative male from Oklahoma. In my 15-year-old mind in 1963 in redneck south Dade County, this visit to what we called "the Sugar Shack" wasn't abuse, since all the boys I knew were searching for older women to corrupt them. I was a smart, socially-inept kid who loved to fish in the Keys and read a lot of Steinbeck, Hemingway and Graham Greene. The exoticism and intrigue of The Quiet American made me want to go to Vietnam! In 1965, seven days after graduation, I joined the Army to flee my father and “to see the world.” My commercial intercourse with these women (I did have a freebie with the second sister later that night) was a simple human interaction outside the lines of established decorum, something that, alas, helped me grow to like black people and put me on the road to a life of subversion. I will also submit to the court that some of the sex I had with young Vietnamese girls was quite innocent, since, like many GIs, I was virtually a child myself, albeit a very curious child more eager "to see the world" than to fight a war.

Because of all this and a 2004 group trip to Amsterdam with a former Pennsylvania attorney general and other VIPs to research legal prostitution and marijuana cafes, I’m an unambiguous advocate for legalized prostitution as a liberating act. Here’s my argument: Whether I like it or not -- and I don’t -- we live in a culture that worships the so-called Free Market, which covers a whole lot of sins. It’s so thoroughly bad that we now have a president and cabinet of billionaire entrepreneurs. Everything in life is commodifiable and there to be financialized. It gets absurd: Stand in front of a urinal and at eye level there’s a video screen selling you insurance; in Korea, there’s buses that shoot out the smell of donuts as the bus approaches a Dunkin Donut shop, which the driver is obligated to point out. More is coming; it’s only limited by the entrepreneurial imagination. The Free Market amounts to gospel. So, if this is the world we must live in, why shouldn’t a person’s body be hers or his to do with as she or he wishes? If women are to be free, they should have the right -- if they choose! -- to commodify their sexual charms and not be afraid of being relegated to a criminal underworld where they are vulnerable to harassment or worse from the police and the criminal element. I know the reason it's illegal generally in the US is because puritanical and religious urges tend to trump (no pun intended) the gospel of free-private enterprise. The oldest profession in the world has always been dominated by male oppression; in fact, in the form of police and the military, oppression may be a much older profession. Stormy Daniels seems to be a very public example of a smart woman transcending her grievances from a rough background by successfully commodifying her sexual allure into a successful career.

story | by Dr. Radut