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Identity Politics Gets Into Our Pants

Gender Politics and Political Justice

So, coming full circle, it makes sense that arrogant, unnecessary masculinity in conjunction with the repression of the feminine half of life can lead to charges of sexual misconduct from women (and men) who don’t wish to participate in the overcompensation rituals of men with egos larger than their penises. It has somehow translated into a female Howard Beale moment: American women are mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore. A couple thousand years ago, Aristophanes wrote a play about this called Lysistrata. In it, women refuse men sex as a means of ending the Peloponnesian War. As a dedicated anti-war peace-activist, that plot always appealed to me. But, revisiting the question what is this current shaming cycle really all about and where is it leading -- I wonder whether ending abusive wars and militarism and undermining economic injustice is the goal. Hillary Clinton was seeking power equity with males, which is a good goal; but she was a lousy candidate when it came to ending militarism and injustice.

The pursuit of dignity and justice for everyone from whatever shithole corner of the world they may come from is a good goal. Overcoming everything that reductive, insulting adjective implies should be a rallying cry for 2018. And the greedy masculine cartoon who glibly employed that metaphor needs to be chased into obscurity, whether that obscurity be prison or a golf course in Florida.

story | by Dr. Radut