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Poor, Abused Honduras; Groped Again

A Case of Imperial Misconduct

Post election-count rioting in HondurasPost election-count rioting in Honduras

How and when such critical masses form is a great question. When does out of sight, out of mind turn into empathy and political action? Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have refused to give credence to poor Hondurans by ignoring their charges of anti-democratic corruption and violence. Those in Honduras abused by this disrespect include people like the high-profile environmental activist Berta Cáceres who was murdered last year for her activism, one of the many murders in Honduras ghat began to grow in numbers following the 2009 coup.

The point is, when it comes to the corrupt governments of tiny Honduras and the massive United States, the granting of credence to charges of human rights violations and sexual abuse, respectively, seems to depend significantly on the class of the accuser and the experience of those granting the credibility. It boils down to this: Is your tale of oppression and abuse deemed culturally worthy? And does giving your narrative credibility entail some kind of diminishment of my power?

story | by Dr. Radut