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Time to Organize a Mass Movement in Defense of Social Security and Medicare for All

Call to (locked) arms

But the Democrats have been treacherous on this. The ACA — Obamacare — is with us because President Obama, despite having a mandate and a majority in both houses of Congress in 2009, chose to reject any consideration of a Canadian-style single-payer government medical insurance program, and instead developed an insurance industry-friendly Rube Goldberg-like government subsidized program, the ACA, which was immediately slated for death by Republicans and which was doomed by its own internal contradictions which were bound to eventually make it too costly to continue with. Meanwhile, Obama also, early in his first term, created a commission, headed by former Wyoming Republican Sen. Alan Simpson (famously known for calling Social Security "a cow with 310 million teats") and Erskine Bowles, former chief of staff to President Clinton. They called for raising the retirement age and making Social Security into a means-tested program. Both proposals were broadly rejected by an angry citizenry, who recognize that once they become a kind of "welfare" program for the poor, they will be gradually defunded. Despite that public opposition to the Simpson-Bowles scheme, Hillary Clinton nonetheless also promoted the means-testing idea, disastrously, during her losing 2016 presidential campaign.

No, the only way to fight this looming battle for Social Security and health care for all has to keep it independent of parties, like the Civil Rights and Anti-war movements of the ‘60s and ‘70s before it. And we need to start getting organized now before the Republicans get their shit together on this.

On the bright side, this is a battle that can, if done right, unite in one mass progressive movement the broadest possible spectrum of the American public, bridging distinctions of race, age and gender, where people live (urban, suburban or rural), class (poor, working, middle or even upper-middle income people) and ideology (socialist, Democrat, independent and even many Republicans) since everyone needs Social Security and health care.

So who’s on this? We need to get to work.

story | by Dr. Radut