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Honor, Sacrifice and Imperial Duplicity

Four Dead in Niger. Anybody Know Why?

What Maddow was suggesting is this: She sketched out the nations of Mali, Niger and Chad as a “region” in the sense of an anti-terror militarist response the US has an interest in. The ISIS conquest of Timbuktu, Mali, in 2012 was important. Then French troops helped the Mali forces take back Timbuktu. What matters, here, is that Chad is the best organized and strongest military of these three sub-Saharan nations. A multi-nation military base was established in Chad after the re-taking of Timbuktu. At this point, Donald Trump ascended to the White House and instituted several manifestations of his notorious “Muslim ban.” As the courts responded, some countries were taken off the list and new ones were added. Iraq was taken off, and Venezuela and North Korea were added -- for obvious political reasons. For some strange and unspoken reason, Chad was also added to the list, meaning that citizens of Chad would have a much harder time getting into the United States. Diplomats from Chad and all over the world expressed in no uncertain terms that this decision was truly baffling. In response, apparently a bit miffed that its cooperation with the US was not respected, Chad decided to pull its troops from Mali and Niger. These troops were in process of returning to Chad when the four special forces troops were ambushed and killed as they undertook a normally peaceful patrol; for months, they had done these patrols traveling to towns to visit, do humanitarian things, “show the flag” and that sort of thing. No hostilities. After the ambush, Sergeant Johnson went missing for days. His badly mangled body was recovered by Niger troops. But it possibly gets even uglier. Just before Chad was oddly added to the “Muslim ban” list, Chad had filed an international lawsuit against the Exxon Corporation for multi-billions in fines. Did this have something to do with the decision to add Chad to the list? As we know, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was CEO of the Exxon Corporation before joining the Trump White House.

Again, this involves speculation based on limited information and a little responsible imagination to fill in the blanks. If there is no “there” there, instead of dismissing such speculation as “fake news,” the US government and military should be honest and tell the American people what the real story is. What were the circumstances that led to the deaths of these men? So far, they have exhibited no interest in doing this. They're “investigating.” Am I too cynical? Why does this sound like “getting our stories straight.”

story | by Dr. Radut