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Honor, Sacrifice and Imperial Duplicity

Four Dead in Niger. Anybody Know Why?

Exactly what were those four Special Forces troops doing in Niger? Like everything concerning our military overseas, this information is secret. Civilians can’t understand, so they can't be informed of these facts. They might act irresponsibly. We have to leave it to those who go forth to bleed and die so soft Americans can live their comfortable lifestyles unaware and unable to appreciate the esprit-de-corps and sacrifices of our revered warriors. Worship those four dead men for their service to the nation, but don’t ask why they died and whether they died for a good cause or folly. And if you insist on asking, well, we’re going to have to turn the game back at you and abuse you for using our heroic troops as political footballs. Everybody knows you should be ashamed of yourself for doing that. Even though the president set in motion the whole circus by evading a serious question.

The trouble is, the racoon is out of the bag loose in the house and he's a nasty, hissing scrapper; there are too many real questions for this potential scandal to go away. Rep. Wilson calls it "Trump’s Benghazi.” And this lady ain't gonna let go easily; she has lots of very powerful allies. Is it a case of an inexperienced, unprecedented far-right administration tripping over its manhood and discovering the hard way that it hung its soldiers out to dry in a far-flung desert region? Maybe. Rachel Maddow took a stab on Thursday night to put what is knowable together. It’s still very foggy. But more and more, thanks to the incredible degree of secrecy under which our military acts in the world, the only tools the press and the American people have to figure out what’s going on is their educated speculation and the responsible application of their imaginations. It's not ironic that these are the tools often used by resistances in authoritarian governments elsewhere in the world. So Maddow tossed out what she learned and connected some dots. If the Military and the Government feel she’s off-base they can tell us the “truth.” And other media sources, writers and producers can delve deeper into the fog. The point is not to let up.

story | by Dr. Radut