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This Is Not Fake News: President Trump Is A Bigot!

Whitewashing Racism Again

Orrin Hatch, one of those Senators now calling out Trump for his stilled tongue regarding white supremacy, has assailed affirmative action initiatives for years, deeming those initiatives devised to remediate institutional racism as repugnant reverse discrimination against whites. This is the same Hatch who was able to work his way through law school by working in a building trades union run by his uncle -- a union that excluded blacks. That same Hatch who hates affirmative action for blacks shamelessly accepted unearned white privilege (a/k/a: white affirmative action) that enabled him to help fund his education through an uncle’s segregationist practices that barred qualified blacks from employment opportunities that could fund their advancements from education to savings.

Earlier this year, current GOP critics of Trump’s Charlottesville waffle, like Hatch, Chuck Grassley and Marco Rubio, eagerly voted for Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch – despite Gorsuch’s apparent bigotry in employment practices. Gorsuch had a record of never having employed a black, Latino or Native American on his staff in the prestigious position of law clerk. Law clerks research and write rulings for judges. (Judicial clerkships elevate the careers of young lawyers.)

Gorsuch practiced exclusionary employment during a period when federal judicial leaders were urging more inclusive employment practices at the law clerk position.

The Senators that voted to elevate Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court – all Republicans plus three Democrats – denied/justified the employment bigotry of that jurist. Senators practiced institutional racism in their vote that excused the individual bigotry of Gorsuch. In fidelity to fact, the Democratic Senators that voted against the confirmation of Gorsuch sidestepped the bigotry implicit in his nomination with failures to question Gorsuch on his prejudicial employment practices.

The American-as-apple-pie denials and justifications of racial prejudice radiate far beyond politics, permeating all areas from academia to churches to corporate boardrooms and the news media.

Earlier this year, for example, NBC hired Megyn Kelly, a broadcast personality with a racially incendiary record during her time on the right-wing FOX News network. On FOX, Kelly often gave succor to anti-immigrant stances, like those uttered by Trump.

Democratic U.S. Senator Al Franken, a darling of liberals, once hosted a program on the now defunct Air America radio network where the paucity of black guests on his program mirrored the embarrassing paucity of black executives in the touted business empire Donald Trump headed before his election to the presidency. The television network once owned by former Democratic Vice-President Al Gore did not establish benchmarks for diverse staffing or content.

Contrary to Trump’s contention that more study is needed on racism “to see what we’re doing wrong as a country” this is a time for action against the institutional racism that has been denied/justified/ignored by too many Americans for too long.

story | by Dr. Radut