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Writing in No-Man's-Land

Me and The New York Times

In these strange days of Donald Trump in the White House, The Times and the MSM are often linked in insidious, conspiratorial union with what has become known as “The Deep State.” Since elements of both the US government and the mainstream media are investigating President Trump, frustrated elements on the political extremes seem to gravitate to mental constructs like The Deep State and The MSM as demonic conspiracies. For instance, nightly Sean Hannity hammers over-and-over at The Deep State and The Mainstream Media for unfairly persecuting President Trump; in these rants, Hannity refers to "the media" as something that does not include himself and Fox News. Friends on the left use these same constructs all the time. As both the conservative Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset and the 1950s stevedore essayist Eric Hoffer have written, a person’s ideological beliefs can become so intense they can flip over into their opposite. Ortega y Gasset schematized this as a circle, where one side of the circle represented moderation and the other side extremism, where a person could flip from left to right or the other way around. In this odd place (think Alex Jones at its most intense) one runs into apparent leftists with sympathy for Donald Trump and his affinity with Putin and Russia. My enemy's enemy is my friend. Because Trump is against The Deep State that's trying to undermine him, and we in the leftist and antiwar movement have been struggling against The Deep State (think Pentagon, CIA, FBI etc) since the days of the Vietnam War -- well, then, Trump must to some degree be our friend. His disdain and hatred for this so-called Deep State seems to blind some to the fact Mr. Trump is a narcissistic oligarch pushing social Darwinist policies. Sometimes it makes my head spin.

story | by Dr. Radut