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Writing in No-Man's-Land

Me and The New York Times

The New York Times fits into all this as an anchor of sorts. Many of my fellow radical, leftist friends like to trash The Times for its many failures. Times reporter Judith Miller is always cited, as she should be. She was flagrantly in bed with the Bush Gang during the Iraq invasion and wrote front-page articles sourced by Bush insiders with misleading information; the next day, these articles would be cited by people like VP Dick Cheney on TV news shows to support their war. It was an insidious and extremely unethical circle. There have been other examples of equally corrupt reportage. Coverage of places like Venezuela tends to be consistently bad, though the disastrous legacy of leftist Hugo Chavez doesn't help. So, yes, there is what might be called a nationalistic leaning to The New York Times; it’s known as the leading American “newspaper of record” for a good reason. But one does not read The Times for the gospel truth; one reads it to gain some idea what’s happening around the world. In an age of dwindling newspaper resources, The Times has one of the largest stables of news bureaus and roving reporters of any publication in the world. There’s no question that leftist intellectual icons like Noam Chomsky and the late Howard Zinn read The New York Times religiously -- as they also regularly criticized it. Read Chomsky and Ed Herman's seminal book Manufacturing Consent, where they reveal the smoking-gun goods on institutions like The Times. Too many people who damn The Times and the more general devil known as the Mainstream Media (or MSM) tend to be locked into marginal websites dedicated to purely ideological strains of thought. I read some of these venues as well, but I get very leery very quickly.

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