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Humpty Dumpty Word Usage In 'Trump's Wonderland'

Trump's lies fly

The top security clearance Jared Kushner holds as a top White House advisor was already under scrutiny for his failing to report other contacts with Russians before revelations of his attending that previously unreported June 2016 meeting. Further, Kushner has amended his White House financial disclosure forms again. The latest addition is Kushner’s acknowledgement that he failed to report $10-million in assets.

Presumably – in ‘Trump’s Wonderland’ – Kushner’s failures to honestly report his contacts with Russians and accurately report the amounts of his assets are considered mere miscues by a kid – a grown man who is 36-years-old. In ‘Trump’s Wonderland’ are the failures to report contacts with Russians by Trump’s now fired National Security Director Michael Flynn and Trump’s beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions also acts of ‘kids’ although Flynn is 58 and Session is 70-years-old?

It is repugnant that many Trump defenders and others who’ve used ‘youthful indiscretion’ to downplay misconduct by adults involved in political intrigues are also prime proponents of the unjust practice of sentencing teenagers to life in prison without parole. There are nearly 2,500 across America serving teen-life sentences and many of those teen-lifers did not commit the murder that condemned them to harsh incarceration. Those who use the word kid to excuse the misconduct of adults hypocritically treat teen offenders as adults worthy of harsh punishment because those errant kids must be held strictly accountable for their actions.

Donald Trump Jr., President Trump, Scaramucci and a host of others contend that since purported Russian representative Natalia Veselinitskaya did not provide any political dirt during that undisclosed June 2016 meeting no wrongdoing occurred irrespective of the fact that Trump campaign personnel attended that meeting with the clear intention of obtaining political dirt provided by America’s avowed enemy – supposedly a no-no act by patriotic Americans.

Trump Jr. claims Veselnitskaya only talked about adoption of kids from Russia (real kid-aged kids not adult kids) and the Magnitsky Act – the measure approved by Congress in 2012 to penalize Russians who were exposed for engaging in multi-million dollar money laundering schemes. Russia blocked Americans from adopting Russian children in retaliation for sanctions imposed under the Magnitsky Act – named after a Russian lawyer who died suspiciously inside a Russian prison after he exposed that money laundering.

Veselnitskaya was a well known as a person seeking to eliminate the sanctions imposed by the Magnitsky Act. She also provided legal services to the company named in a federal indictment detailing $230-million in money laundering by persons in Russia that triggered passage of the Magnitsky Act. Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for New York City that President Trump fired earlier this year, filed that indictment.

Now, in another example of ‘Trump’s Wonderland’ Humpty Dumpty word usage, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions perverted the phrase ‘tough on crime’ in the case of that alleged $230-million money-laundering scheme when he approved a settlement of that money laundering case for just $6-million in May 2017.

story | by Dr. Radut