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Uruguay Tells US Drug War to Take a Hike

The Increasing Decline of American Credibility

We wonder why we have an opiate crisis among white suburbanites and why legal marijuana is such a big deal now in America. Why every night on TV we get ads ad-nauseam for this or that legal drug to do this or that with our psyche or body. Americans of all stripes are simply exhausted and frustrated with the political/social/cultural world they've allowed to assume such power over them. We're all taught what individuals we are -- yet we're caught in a maelstrom way beyond our control. So we turn to escape and delusion, helped along by this or that chemical. It's not that hard to figure out. One simply has to be capable of seeing it. But, then, humans are generally screwed up everywhere. That's the Human Condition, what Jean Paul Sartre meant when he coined the phrase "Hell is other people."

story | by Dr. Radut