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Guns and Religion in a Small Town on Memorial Day

An anti-war vet in Trumpland

The Indivisibles have done some good things around here; but the blind spot in this response did not surprise me. Nothing I’ve heard at these meetings comes close to examining, much less challenging the neo-liberal tenets of corporate rule. Stunningly absent from our group’s deliberations or actions on “priority issues” – environment, immigration, LBGTQ, Donald’s tax returns, Russiagate – is any attention whatsoever to economic policy. Narrow indivisibleism sets no priority to challenge the bloated Democratic sanctioned defense budget as the most obvious source of funding [along with taxing the wealthy] to support social programs that would benefit the alienated working class. Of U.S. endless wars and the military’s imperial footprint across the globe, likewise nothing is spoken.

Let’s face it. Over a continuum spanning two generations, it’s not the working class that’s abandoned the Democratic Party; it’s the other way around. Until something dramatic stirs in the body politic that cements an electoral majority to a progressive agenda, for many Memorial Days to come we will find the Trump-inclined patriots in their veterans lodge hall nurturing the ideas and practices that infuriate their liberal “betters” up the road, and still clinging to their guns and religion.

story | by Dr. Radut