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Philly DA Office Must Provide All Records of Top Judge’s Role as DA in Opposing Mumia Appeal

An opening to challenge Abu-Jamal’s conviction

In Castille’s twisted logic, it was more important for FOP-tainted justices to rule on an appeal in which the FOP was profoundly interested, than that that those justices act to uphold the constitutional right of an appellant for a fair and just judicial ruling.

Castille's participation in the state Supreme Court’s rejection of Abu-Jamal's appeal is one reason why the February 2000 Amnesty International report on Abu-Jamal criticized the "appearance of judicial bias during appellate review."

So far, most Philadelphians don't even know about Judge Tucker's discovery order to the DA's Office, as neither the Philadelphia Inquirer nor the Daily News has deigned to report about it, even as a short news item, though both papers did major reports on the Williams case last year and its significance for other similar cases where Castille did not recuse himself despite prior involvement in those cases as DA. So much for quality journalism in the city where the press was enshrined in the Constitution as a "fourth estate" of people's government.

The authors of this article have both covered the Abu-Jamal case for decades, Linn Washington as a columnist for the Philadelphia Tribune and Dave Lindorff as a freelance journalist and as author of a book on the case, “Killing Time: An Investigation into the Death Penalty Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal (Common Courage, 2003).

story | by Dr. Radut