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Poet's Notebook: My poem, "Endless war" followed by commentary

Endless war
my mother
my child
green clay
my way
endless war
storm of gannets
red pine
coated paper
prickly pear
endless war
no words
under the surface
systematists and mountain folk
industries do not require
every kindness
endless war
the sea-unicorn
stretch out your hands
i followed them
everything but the bones
endless war
curtain down
the back way closed
to sting or sooth
endless war
friends forever
turning the sheet down
what i remember
helping a fly recover
that is why
endless war
let me tell you
here it comes
did you insist?
how many died?
try the door
endless war
moving out
upon the wind
make a difference
let me know
when i was you
endless war
left her crying
right at the sign
no charge
jumped at the chance
serves them right
endless war

story | by Dr. Radut