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Likudist Israel Damned For Pursuing Its Version Of Manifest Destiny

Obama and Kerry Get It Right at the Last Minute

Referring to the Security Counsel resolution to condemn Likudist Israel, Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer told The New York Times, “[The Palestinian’s] strategy is not to negotiate with Israel because a deal is give and take. They want take and take.” (Italics mine.) The spinning audacity of such a statement is emblematic and worth examining. What it does is blame the victim for the crimes of the oppressor. It has traction because Palestinians are human and do bad things, too. As the Likudist settler movement expropriates land, it has been consistent Israeli policy to refuse any kind of negotiation until Palestinians accepted all the terms on the table to be negotiated. Demand that the people you’ve beaten down and run into refugee camps accept their occupation as legitimate before you will agree to sit down and negotiate lifting the obnoxious conditions. Those on the wrong end of Israeli oppression have always known it was two-faced nonsense -- as those on the oppressor side of the equation knew the same. Wink. Wink. It was always Kafkaesque. Catch 22. All those damn Palestinians want is to “take and take” from the people chosen by God. The United States has been an accessory to this con game from the beginning.

If the two-state solution is finally dead, as was declared by ex-UN Ambassador John Bolten on Fox News recently, where does the Netanyahu line go in the future under Donald Trump? If Palestinian anger and indignation from the past 50 years is not respected, if dignity is not allowed, where can it go but more of the same getting worse and worse each year? As we know, under a one-state Israel it's either a Jewish dictatorial state or democracy. Can't have both.

I have great empathy for the Israeli people under the yoke of fear fueled by the rightwing Likud government. But it's time for some straight talk to open up the conversation. So we should be grateful to President Obama for having the last-minute courage to allow the Security Counsel condemnation to go on the record. He's getting flak from both parties. Donald Trump and company will be scrambling to undo it, as they scramble to maneuver through the Russian thicket of intrigue. According to reports, it’s not going to be easy to overturn the Security Counsel resolution. It could take years, if it's possible at all. Meanwhile, the condemnation is an international fait-accompli on the books, and Benjamin Netanyahu and the Twitter King will just have to deal with it.

It could even put a little juice back into the UN at a time that that's greatly needed.

story | by Dr. Radut