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Hillary Clinton Lost the November Election because She Blew Off Sanders Activists and Voters

It wasn't the Russians!

The anger among Sanders backers by the time of the convention at the end of July was palpable and was demonstrated when over 700 Sanders delegates walked out of the convention en masse, many tossing their convention credentials over the tall security fence. Clearly they were not going to back Hillary Clinton in November. Remember, those delegates were Sanders activists who represented millions of voters back in their home states, and they were going back to talk to them.

Clinton's lies and distortions about Sanders and his positions infuriated millions of Sanders voters, dooming her candidacy in the general electionClinton's lies and distortions about Sanders and his positions infuriated millions of Sanders voters, dooming her candidacy in the general election

Hillary Clinton didn't lose Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and most importantly Florida because a small percentage of voters switched from her to Trump in those states. She lost those states because millions of Sanders voters nationally, and hundreds of thousands of Democrats and independent progressives in those crucial states, decided they couldn't vote for her because they were disgusted by both her and the Democratic Party. Some voted Green, some wrote in Sanders' name, which in most states meant their votes weren't counted, and some just got fed up and didn't vote at all, or just skipped the presidential line on their ballot. Total turnout, which in an election with Trump as the alternative should have been at 2008's record levels, was closer to 2012, when Obama only eked out a narrow victory.

In other words, even if the Russians did hack the DNC and Podesta emails, and even if the leaked emails (all of which by the way were true and accurate, not fake or doctored!), did manage at the last minute to persuade a few thousand Clinton voters to switch their votes to Trump, or to simply not vote for Clinton, that only had an impact because so many hundreds of thousands of more progressive voters had already written her off as a voting option. The point is that the races in those states never should have been that close in the first place, and wouldn't have been had the Clinton campaign not played so dirty in the primary, and then been so patronizing and vengeful towards the Sanders campaign and Sanders voters after gaining the nomination.

Leaving aside the reality that there is no evidence that Russian government hackers did obtain those emails and handed them over to Wikileaks to release during the last weeks of the campaign (the evidence is really that they were obtained by insider leaks, not by Russian hackers), the truth is that mounting evidence of Clinton corruption and of cheating during the primaries -- evidence that was coming to light even without and often before disclosure of the emails -- led millions of furious Sanders backers to decide they would never vote for Clinton.

story | by Dr. Radut