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Profits and Patients: The High Health Costs Killing Americans

Systemic Pain

Although America’s health care system revolves around advanced science, particularly hi-tech machines, medical marvels drive up the costs of health care according to repeated studies. She was given one hi-tech machine test that resulted in a $5,000+ charge and another hi-tech device test that produced a $2,000+ charge.

One critical escalator of health care costs, according to consistent studies, is the money spent on administration.

But, get this: despite that hospital charging $14,000+ for her ER visit, that hospital failed to send records from that ER visit to her doctor as she requested.

During her ER admission, she provided the name, address and telephone number of her doctor, yet the hospital did not send the ER visit records. The administration at the hospital that cost nearly half a billion dollars to build a few years ago failed to transmit a few pages of test results to her doctor.

In fact, ER staff asked her where the hospital should send her records – not once but a couple of times. When she was informed that her doctor had not received the records (weeks after that ER visit) she called the hospital where a hospital employee haughtily told her she needed to fill out some forms to get the ER records sent to her doctor before that employee discourteously hung up the telephone.

When she discussed that sickening, expensive ER experience with her doctor, the doctor referenced a reality curtly dismissed by those hell-bent on killing Obamacare without having a lower cost replacement like the universal care that exists in other advanced nations.

He said that since high health care costs drive people away from needed medical treatment, within a decade, untreated illnesses would soar tremendously across America resulting in an even more sickly society with even higher health care costs.

story | by Dr. Radut