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Neocon Ex-General to Be Trump’s National Security Advisor

Flynn flam

With the appointment of Lt. General Michael T.Flynn as National Security Advisor, and the inevitable return of this neocon coterie of his mentors and acolytes to positions of influence, it is likely the future Trump regime will pursue their agenda chaos in the Middle East and possibly with Iran more recklessly than ever.

Meanwhile, with the NSA and various US intelligence agencies, federal state and local, far more powerful and omnipresent in American life, the rights of citizens to speak out against these crimes and their perpetrators will likely be increasingly at risk.

Teacher and freelance writer PAUL DeRIENZO won a grant from the George Polk Awards to write about his father's experiences as a nuclear engineer in the 1960s. Co-author of the Ibogaine Story and former editor in chief of High Times, the pro-marijuana monthly, his public access TV show “Let Them Talk” is broadcast every Tuesday at 8 on the Manhattan Neighborhood  Network. He wrote this article exclusively for ThisCantBeHappening!

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