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Get Over It! WikiLeaks Is Good For America

Mike Huckabee ready to "take out" the WikiLeak devilMike Huckabee ready to "take out" the WikiLeak devil

Hysterical charges by the Palins and the Huckabees about WikiLeaks endangering our troops are deceptive and dishonest. It needs to be said over and over that those leaders who committed our soldiers to the two wars we’re so deeply entrenched in and those who keep them there are the ones endangering their lives.

Sure it's complicated, but calls to kill the messenger only make it clear the messenger is onto something.

One of the best and most clear examples of the attitude of Lippman’s Specialized Class has been voiced by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. It was in response to questions about the 2000 Bush v. Gore ruling that closed down the Florida recount that would, research suggests, have given the 2000 Presidential election to Al Gore.

Scalia’s response to questions, according to Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker, is, “Get over it!”

Think of all the rotten top-down policy decisions attributable to that 2000 Supreme Court decision. For me, it was the most disillusioning event since the Kennedy assassination.

Think of the mess we face now – the financial collapse, the loss of job security, the dismal downward slide of the American education system and, finally, the huge waste of resources hosed into Iraq and Afghanistan.

If the Belgian physicist Jean Bricmont is right and our challenge in the West is to define “a form of life that (does) not depend on an unsustainable relation of domination over the rest of the world,” eight years of the Bush Administration and its unprecedented regime of secrecy was the absolute worst thing that could have happened to America and Americans. The current Democratic regime has done little to change this legacy.

Julian Assange and Bradley Manning did not create the mess we now find ourselves in. But what they have had the courage to do may just eventually let enough sunshine in for change to happen.

So there's one thing to say to all the bloodthirsty critics of WikiLeaks:

Get over it!

story | by Dr. Radut