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Get Over It! WikiLeaks Is Good For America

The devoted anti-imperialist Noam Chomsky says this arrangement “has a very close resemblance to the Leninist conception that a vanguard of revolutionary intellectuals take state power ... then drive the stupid masses toward a future they’re too dumb and incompetent to envision for themselves.”

No doubt, Chomsky should be “taken out” too. If I'm worthy, I might be put on the list as well.

In Chomsky’s view, one gets into the “specialized class” by reading the tea leaves and figuring out where the leverage is. It’s a calculus not about Truth or even what’s best for the nation. “It’s just a matter of assessing where the power is.” Figure out where the Power is and ingratiate yourself into it.

Our current President was quite good at this kind of calculus, and he got himself elected and into the White House. He’s not an ogre as some on the left suggest, but he has not rocked the Bush boat at all. He seems to understand Lippman’s scheme and fully subscribe to the notion of a “specialized class” of people, in his case himself and appointees like Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, David Petraeus and Timothy Geithner.

Fully in line with Power, President Obama seems to see his mission as sustaining the United States as the Top Dog in the world and sweeping under the rug all the little bits of inconvenient information and analysis that tells those capable of seeing it that, unless some serious, bottom-up change is begun soon, the US is on the road to Hell.

Enter WikiLeaks. Militarism is now so prevalent in our culture that secrecy has become a virtual fetish for the specialized class. They use it more and more to simply hold onto top-down power as they prevent much-needed bottom-up change.

The pressures in this equation become explosive. Keeping the pressure cooker lid on, you have the Huckabees and the Palins and the Obamas using their charisma, religion and/or power to desperately hold onto the past, while naturally evolving elements like WikiLeaks appear to let the pressure out.

I’m a spiritually sensitive atheist attuned to the Great Mystery. If I believed in God I don’t think he/she/it would be an American, and I don’t think he/she/it would want to kill Julian Assange or Bradley Manning for what they are doing. In fact, if God were a truly compassionate being, I think he/she/it would want to clear the air and allow his/her/its “bewildered herd” to be enlightened with as much information as possible about the ways of the world. I think God would support the idea of WikiLeaks.

We are now seeing stories about poor Secretary of State Hillary Clinton forced by the WIkiLeaks revelations to go into “damage-control” mode around the world, to explain an ambassador’s remarks about Kazak President Karim Masimov’s bizarre, narcissistic party habits or why the US so loves right-wing French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s “increasing willingness to downgrade human rights considerations.”

Until I read The New York Times account of the WikiLeaks material on North Korea I really didn’t understand what was going on there. Now I know the so-called “hermit kingdom” makes us look good because the ability of its “specialized class” to bamboozle and mislead its population is vastly superior to ours.

And of course, we get some insight into how the whole Korea issue hinges on an understanding of the rising giant China vis-a-vis what remains of US imperial power in Asia. This is something US citizens need to know in order to make wiser decisions about their own future lives.

story | by Dr. Radut