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Election Eve: The Search for Human Brains

Santa Cruz -- “Are you planning to vote on Tuesday?” I asked.  The food checker at our local natural food store was cheerful and friendly.  But she was a little befuddled by the question. 

“I don’t know where to vote,” she confessed.
“Have you gotten your sample ballot yet?” I asked. 

“No,” she replied.  “I don’t think so.”  She had voted some time back.  Maybe it was for Obama.  She wasn’t sure.  But she couldn’t remember where she had voted, or if it was an absentee ballot.

Election or reefer madness?Election or reefer madness?

I leaned forward.  A sense of urgency was growing.  “You can’t change your address now,” I told her.  “It’s too late.  You’ll need to go back to your previous polling place to vote.  Do you remember where that was?”
“I…don’t remember,” she said. 

I put my hands on the counter, trying to keep calm.  “You’ve got to remember,” I urged her.  “This is a very important election.”
“Listen Mister…”  It was the guy behind me.  “Could I just make my purchase first?”  There was a sense of irritation in his voice.

story | by Dr. Radut