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A Paean to Walls (or To Pee on Walls)


According to Webster
the first walls were steep hillsides
or palisades utilized for defense.


How many walls do we need
To keep ourselves safe
And to secure all our freedoms?
The strongest walls are subtle,
Like the one built by Descartes
Between the head and heart.
And Darwin’s wall
Between the weak and the strong
Still stands against the relentless attacks
Of fundamentalism
And the academic proofs of real science.
The Papal wall between the Pope
And everyone else
Doesn’t seem to have aged at all!
But there are world-class walls
That are not so subtle
Like the Great Wall of China
Built to accommodate two warhorses
Charging abreast.
And Israel is building a fine wall
In the West Bank – 8 meters tall!
A true wall should outlast its architects!
That one certainly will!
A real wall learns from the failures of great walls of the past –


The Trojan Wall, Jericho
And the Berlin Wall to name a few.
There is always room for improvement.
A real wall is an impenetrable barrier
Instilling utter confidence in those behind it
While discouraging everyone else
From even approaching.
. . .So no one gets hurt.
That’s the point.
A wall in itself doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.
The cement and steel must transcend
All of the emotions and provincialism that went into its construction:

All of the fear, grandiosity, paranoia, angst,
Ethnocentricity and hatred. . .
It should just impress!
Like a palisade or an archetypal rampart.
And ultimately there should be no gate
Because if a wall is really doing its job
Nobody is coming and
Nobody is leaving.

-- Gary Lindorff

Según Webster las primeras murallas eran barrancas empinadas O empalizadas utilizadas para defenderse.

¿Cuántos muros requerimos
para mantenernos a salvo
y asegurar todas nuestras libertades?
Los muros mas fuertes son sutíles
Como los hechos por Descartes
Entre la mente y el corazón.
Y el muro de Darwin
Entre los débiles y los fuertes
Aún sobrevive los ataques continuos
Del Fundamentalismo
Y las pruebas academicas de ciencia real.
El muro Papal entre el Papa
Y todos los demás
¡Ese no parece haber envejecido para nada!
Pero hay muros de primera clase
Que no son muy sutíles
Como la Gran Muralla China
Hecha para acomodar dos caballos de guerra
Galopando juntos lado a lado.
E Israel está construyendo un muro fino
En Cisjordania -- de 8 metros de altura!
Un muro verdadero dura más que sus arquitectos.
¡Esa definitivamente lo hará!
Una muralla verdadera aprende de los fracasos de las
grandes murallas de antaño—

story | by Dr. Radut